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Incubators are ideal for use in research, testing and storage applications where precise temperature or temperature and relative humidity control is required. We provide incubators and temperature control rooms to a wide variety of different organizations, institutions and research facilities across North America.

All systems are designed to meet or exceed LEED requirements and Health Canada and FDA standards.

You can trust our products to be reliable, precise and accurate at all times. We understand the critical importance of stability and consistency and work with our clients to design and installed incubators and controlled temperature environments that meet their unique needs.

Incubators: Applications:

  • Biology
  • Plant seedling
  • Bacterial Culturing
  • Cement Curing
  • Insect rearing
  • And more

All incubators that we offer are continuously-running condensing units, which ensures incredibly precise temperature control. Our units also ensure temperature uniformity across the entire area. For more information on our incubators or to speak to a member of our team about your specific application and what we can do to meet your needs, please contact us today.

Incubators: Features

We take pride in the variety of features that we make available to our clients. When you work with Can-Trol, you are working with a company that works with its clients to meet their needs and to provide them with the superior products that they deserve.

Some features of our incubators include:

  • Microprocessor controlled temperature ranges, varying only ± 0.2°C at the sensor
  • Microprocessor controlled relative humidity
  • Independent high and low temperature failsafe limits
  • NIST certified RTD temperature sensors.
  • Temperature Uniformity Mapping

Optional Features:

  • Refrigerated or non refrigerated models
  • Shelving layout for optimal product storage
  • Time controlled lighting cycles

Working with Can-Trol Environmental Systems

Since 1989, we have worked alongside clients throughout North America in the design, manufacture, installation, commission and service of specialized environmental chambers. This experience has taught us the incredible importance of effective, reliable and stable incubators and controlled environmental rooms.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes in the healthcare, institutional, pharmaceutical, industrial, food sciences and research fields trust us for incubators, stability chambers, environmental chambers, cold rooms and more.

Please contact a dedicated member of our team for more information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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