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Environmental Chambers

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Controlled Environment Rooms

Controlled environment rooms are primarily designed for use as a research tool based on the demand and acceptance for constant reproducible tests. Controlled Environmental Rooms validate the results of the experimental research.

Can-Trol Environmental Systems specializes in controlled environment rooms that are safe, effective, reliable and stable. We provide all-in-one turnkey solutions to the often complex problem of precisely controlling the environment in a room or chamber. We proudly design, manufacture, install, commission and service these specialized environmental chambers across North America.

We can customize the features of our controlled environment rooms to suit your specific needs, application and budget. Professional engineer shop drawings are stamped and provided with every chamber to define the specifications of the room. We also offer a variety of warranties as well as 24-hour emergency service across North America.

For more information on controlled environment rooms and to find out how Can-Trol can help you, please contact us today.

Controlled Environment Rooms: Applications:

Controlled environment rooms are utilized for a number of applications where maintaining a consistent and stable environment is crucial, including:

  • Plant Growth
  • Insect rearing
  • TAPPI testing
  • Burn-in Chambers
  • Animal holding room


  • Microprocessor temperature and relative humidity control
  • 24 hour temperature recording/monitoring in a single controller
  • NIST certified RTD temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Temperature/humidity Uniformity Mapping
  • Independent high and low temperature failsafe limits
  • Spring or rubber isolation on the compressor to minimize noise transmission

All controlled environment chambers are constructed to allow passage through normal doorways and are made from pre-moulded, modular panels that allow for future expansion and easy disassembly for relocation.


  • Programmable ramp and soak control
  • Time controlled lighting cycles
  • Custom finishes for harsh environments

A variety of floor finishes are available, including steel, stainless steel, vinyl and aluminum tread plate.

Our controlled environment chambers can also include the following features:

  • Touchscreen controls
  • Data logging
  • Seamless flooring
  • Keypad entry or card readers
  • Door ajar alarms
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Motion sensing lighting
  • And more

An onsite training session is provided to demonstrate the user friendly control system of our controlled environmental rooms and chambers.

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Working with Can-Trol Environmental Systems

Can-Trol Environmental Systems has more than 25 years of experience with specialized controlled environment chambers. Since 1989, we have provided controlled temperature and humidity rooms to a wide variety of companies, institutions and organizations for a number of different purposes, uses and applications.

You can trust our dedicated team to provide you with the products, level of service and commitment that you deserve. We invite you to contact us today with your particular situation or application. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you about the products we have available and to work with you to create a controlled environment system that meets your needs.

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