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Controlled Environment Chambers from Can-Trol: About Our Company

CAN-TROL Environmental systems is a leading supplier of controlled environmental rooms. We have more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commission and service of specialized environmental chambers.

We work with a variety of clients in the healthcare, institutional, pharmaceutical, industrial, food sciences and research fields as well as many other clients who require effective and reliable stability chambers, environmental chambers, cold rooms and more. We understand the crucial importance of delivering a quality product that is dependable, functional and safe.

Common Applications for our Temperature and Humidity Control Chambers include:

  • Product storage
  • Mortuary services
  • Plant growth
  • Human trials
  • Metabolic testing
  • Insect rearing
  • TAPPI testing
  • Burn-in chambers
  • Animal holding room
  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Expiration dating
  • Shelf life testing
  • Living cell study
  • Laboratory Refrigeration
  • Pharmacy cold/Freezer room
  • Chromatography refrigerator biology
  • Plant seedling
  • Bacterial culturing
  • Cement curing
  • Blood products storage
  • And more

We provide all-in-one, turnkey solutions for organizations across North America as well as professional service, multi-year warranties and professional support.

Our products feature professional engineer shop drawings and a variety of customization options that range from different floor finishes to touchscreen controls, data logging, explosion-proof features and much more.

All of our products meet or exceed Health Canada and FDA requirements. For more information, please contact us.

Working with Can-Trol Environmental Systems

When you work with Can-Trol, you are working with an experienced and professional partner that can help you in the design, manufacture, installation, commission and service of specialized controlled environmental chambers.

In the DESIGN stage, your assigned Project Manager assesses the user group requirements/specifications and customizes the chamber's features to suit your specific budget and application. Approval drawings are issued with every chamber to define the basis of your acceptance criteria.

MANUFACTURE of the control systems and onsite INSTALLATION of the final product are performed in a timely manner, while strictly adhering to quality control protocols. We provide installation services throughout North America.

In the COMMISSIONING stage, multipoint temperature and humidity data logging is provided to assure that your controlled environment is exactly as you specified it. An onsite training session is provided to demonstrate the user friendly control system.

Our standard warranty policy is one year on all parts and labour, but for added assurance feel free to inquire about our extended warranty offers. We offer a variety of warranties including multi-year warranties on all products.

POST WARRANTY service is available on a 24-hour emergency basis in any state or province provided by CAN-TROL pre-authorized service representatives.

Clients are encouraged to register online with us, to reference operation, maintenance and commissioning material or to request upgrades or modifications to your existing chamber.

Whatever your requirements, CAN-TROL has got you covered. Please contact us for more information.

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